This program is combining traditional boxing and kickboxing/muay thai techniques in a one hour class, designed to burn fat and build lean and strong muscles. Each class includes instructors that work with you one-on-one, cardiovascular movements and core training exercises to help you achieve a lean and strong build and of course hitting pads. All this in a fun, personal environment that will keep you coming back again and again.


-Practice proper kickboxing technique to ensure your best results and proper form.
-Target your training to your specific fitness needs, including speed, precision, power, strength, tone, and fat lose.
-Train for yourself; but build lasting relationships with others in the community.

Benefits of the Parry Sound Martial Arts Kickboxing program include:

-Cross training enhances performance in all other sports - kickboxing will provide a wide range of attribute building exercises that you will carry with you into other sports.

-Learn self-defense while you work out. Gain a life changing skill that will boost your confidence and your ability to protect yourself and others.

-Target your training to develop speed, precision, reaction time, power, agility, strength, and tone

-Increase your confidence and focus