Ryan Fleming JR getting his black belt from Jorge Britto. Feather weight black belt

“I have been training different combat sports for nearly 16 years now; wrestling, pankration, Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, muay thai.... but none have I been so passionate about as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Even though life has taken me away from the sport several times in years I’ve been training, I always come back to it. I'm thankful to my long time coaches, the Toronto BJJ crew and Jiu Jitsu For Life Team. I have made some life long friends that I have trained with since the beginning and meet so many new faces. The sport has brought me to travel, train, and compete with some amazing people. Now I have the opportunity to teach the next generation, I’m grateful for this.”

-Head Instructor: Ryan JR Fleming


Martial Arts Experience:

-Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Professor Jorge Britto

-Olympic Style Wrestling (6 years)

-Japanese Jiu Jitsu (4 years)

-Muay Thai (2 years)

-Boxing (2 years)


-Pankration(4 years)

-No Gi Submission Grappling (10+ years)

-Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (10+ years)


Noted Achievements:

-1st Joslin's Canadian Open (2006)

-2nd World Submission Wrestling (2006)

-3rd Joslin's Canadian Open (2007)

-2nd Joslin's Canadian Open (2008)

-1st Bravado Open (2009)

- 1st Gracie Barra Invite- Absolute Division (2010)

-1st Grapplers Quest (2010)

- MMA win over Ryan Thomson for Adrenaline MMA (2012)

-2nd Niagara Open (2013)

-1st Grappling Industries Toronto (2014)

- 1st Action Reaction Invite (2016)

-3rd Action Reaction Invite Absolute (2016)

-1st Ascensions Championship (2016)

-Pan Am Competitor (2015)

-1st Nextgen Toronto (2019)

-1st IBJJF Toronto Gi Championship (2019)

-2nd IBJJF Toronto Gi Absolute Championsip (2019)

-1st JiuJitsu For Life Annual (2019 )

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