Step 1

Complete the registration form below for each student wishing to register. Be sure to enter the complete information. If you wish to take part in both grappling and striking martial arts please make a note of that. A special rate can be applied.

Step 2

You will be contacted via email to confirm you or your child’s acceptance into our program and we will forward more information.

The kickboxing programs are paid on a monthly basis and is first come, first serve for the limited spots available. You can pay for additional months to hold your spot.

Step 3

ONCE REGISTRATION AND SPOT ACCEPTANCE EMAIL IS SENT TO YOU we will send directions on how to Submit Payment and confirm enrollment.



Once payment is received we will complete the remainder of the registration process with you.

Please Make E transfer to CHQ Payable to ryan fleming

Once payment is received we will complete the remainder of the registration process with you. Details on the first class and reminders will be sent prior to your first class


Any questions I have an open door policy.

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In Case of Emergency:


The member realizes that there is a risk of injury involved in Martial Arts classes. The member voluntarily assumes the risk of accident, injury, damage, loss or harm of any kind to the member’s person or property as a result of training in The Train Station Fight and Fitness classes or demonstrations. Neither The Train Station Fight and Fitness nor its officers, owners, chief instructor, instructors, assistant instructors, fellow members, or guests shall in any way be held liable for any claims, liability, demands, suits, actions, or any other proceedings of any kind on account of accident, injury, damage, loss or harm of any kind sustained by the member or to the member’s property. All information on this form as well as pictures, videos, stories, or other items may be used in promotion of this organization or its parent organization. This would include web site, newspaper articles, magazine submissions and other forms of display or advertising.


Policies, Terms and Conditions

All students or parents of students are required to read and fully understand The Train Stations Fight and FItness Terms and Conditions as set out below. If a student or parent of a student does not read these terms and conditions, this does not mean they are exempt from their consequences. The policies, terms and conditions apply to ALL students and parents of students regardless if they were read in whole, in part, or not at all. By registering as a student of The Train Station Fight and Fitness, you fully agree to the following policies as laid out:


All applicants are to register on the ParrySound Martial Arts Website
Applicants must provide accurate information during the registration process. Inaccurate or deliberate false information will see the application as void and will not be accepted by Administration.


(To include training fees, registration fees seminar/ tournament fees or training equipment fees)

All fees are non-refundable in whole or in part for any reason. If a student takes temporary leave of absence due to medical reasons only, their fees will be held as credit upon their return. There will be no fees refunded if the student decides not to return permanently. Applies only to training fees. Does not include tournament entry fees or seminars.
Fees are non-transferable in whole or in part.
Monthly training fees are subject to change at any time.
We accept Cash, E transfer and Cheque

Uniforms (Gi) and Training Gear

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu requires all students have a bjj gi or judo style uniform. These can be purchased through us at a discounted price. Custom team Kids gi (uniforms) are $100+ hst and adults $120+.
Kickboxing and striking classes require all students to purchase their own gloves eventually. Rental gloves ($5) are available. You may want to consider buying muay thai style shin guards and a mouth guard as well.


-Be careful with your training partners​– BJJ can be very dangerous. You need to show your training partners respect and lookout for their safety. If you are close to tapping someone out slow down, give them time to tap. Focus on controlling them as the submission is happening and slowly applying pressure, it is their responsibility to tap but you need to give them time. Be aware of your surroundings, don’t roll into other grapplers, and don’t roll off the mat. In the event you accidently knee or elbow your training partner quickly apologize and slow down a little bit.

-Be clean​– Your gi and anything else you wear should be clean and dry. You need to have showered recently, and maintain clean hair. You don’t need to smell great but make sure you don’t stink. Keep in mind that you will be in close personal contact with other people.

-No shoes on the mat–​ Your school puts a lot of effort in keeping the mats clean. The bottoms of your shoes are not clean, and any little rocks stuck in your shoes can easily poke holes in the mat. If you can wear wrestling shoes at your school, only wear them on the mat. Wrestling shoes worn on the street are no longer wrestling shoes.

-Have the right equipment–​ If you are the only student without a gi you should get one. It makes a difference to the people you roll with, and it will help you learn moves that you could not learn otherwise. At most schools it is ok to be gi shopping for a few weeks, but after that you should have one. If you do not have a gi be courteous and don’t try to do a bunch of gi chokes to your training partner.

-Keep nails short–​ You don’t want to accidently scratch someone. If you have a hard time remembering to cut your nails keep a pair of clippers in your gym bag.
Pay attention during the techniques–​ It is rude to ignore or talk as your instructor is teaching and hope that they will teach the move again. This is not grade school; if you annoy these people they will be choking you in a little while. Do not ask the instructor a bunch of “what if” questions, or talk about how the technique is easily defeated.

-Stay home if you are sick–​ Having someone that is sick on the mats is a great way for a lot of people to get sick. Your friends will be missing school, work and time on the mat. Taking a little time off will not hurt you, and your teammates will appreciate you keeping your germs to yourself.

-Work hard–​ You don’t need to be the greatest athlete on the mat, your team will respect you for working hard. Don’t complain, if you are too tired that’s ok but push yourself. You know your limits.

Be on time​– Get to class on time, if it is unavoidable ask your instructor if you can come in a little late. Do not continually show up just in time to roll, that is like telling your instructor that the techniques they are showing are not worth your time. Don’t make your instructor stay late, be ready to leave before your instructor is ready to lock up.

Be positive–​ A trick to doing BJJ for a long time is having fun, so enjoy your time on the mat. Don’t get mad when you get tapped out or seek revenge, just smile and keep on training. Speak highly of those who deserve it and encourage those who need a little support.

Don’t brag about tapping people out– Class is not a competition, and often not even a fair fight. Picture you have been rolling 30 minutes, and a fresh guy comes in and taps you out. He jumps up and celebrates, “yes!” People often roll hard against the advanced students, and take it easy on the newer ones. Don’t make a big deal of tapping someone out who once appeared to be invincible. If you really brag, you will probably pay for it next time ​you roll with that person.