In the youth Kickboxing/Striking program we focus on developing the skills and techniques of traditional boxing and Kickboxing. Discipline is also a critical component.

As a team we encourage each other to become better people...on and off the mat. We will sometimes spend time on the philosophy of the art.... which is part of strengthening the mind as the body develops.

The kids program is 1-2 times a week for 45min duration.

The class consists of a warm up followed by exercises and drilling .The remainder of the class is learning new techniques and confirmation of the technique .

(ON HOLD)Kids Kickboxing/Striking: AGE 4-7  *45 min class and ONCE a week $50 per month

Kids Kickboxing/Striking: AGE 7-13 *45 min class and TWICE a week $90 per month


KIDS DROP OFF POLICY ( Age 4-7, 8-14)

You will be asked to enter through the plaza doors and go down the stairs and wait. Each student will be taken into the class and attendance taken. Classes will start on time and end on time.Please respect peoples in the waiting area outside the doors. No spectators**Exception for parent coaches

Individual cubbies will be used during class times to store and  keep each students belongings separate.


Enter the main lobby at street entrance and go down the stairs. Wait
at the door and your child will be greeted and attendance taken.


Arrive Early or on time. Please respect peoples space. No kid under the
age of 14 will be leaving the building without guardian in the waiting area.Please follow local public health guidelines when in a public setting.